WELCOME to Josephine Street.

From hipsters to grandmas and locals to CEOs, roadhouses have always been gathering places for people of all types to come as they are and feel welcome. They're places where a person can unwind over a plateful of good food, a shot or a cold one, served by someone who actually cares. Josephine Street is just that kind of place.

The neon says "Steaks & Whisky" - which is what made this iconic Texas roadhouse famous. Today, Jo Street is also known for its world class chicken fried steak, succulent pork chops & chicken, fresh fish, gourmet salads, scrumptious sandwiches, handmade desserts and upper end wines at uncommonly affordable prices.

We invite you to Josephine Street. Come as you are, leave a lot better!

NO RESERVATIONS. First come, first serve.

What our customers are saying...

"★★★★★ One of my favorite restaurants in San Antonio!"
~ Barrie J. L. via Facebook

"Enjoyed the food and your
waitstaff is AWESOME!"
~ Darryl J. via Facebook

"★★★★★ Best dinner I had
while visiting San Antonio!"
~ Clementine C. via Yelp

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